Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sorry for not keeping you guys updated life has brought to many distractions! What has been going on well not to much. Over the summer I had a pretty exciting adventure! First I had swim team! It was a very successful season! Then i went on a family reunion trip! It was lots of fun! We went to a place in Mexico called Cancun! We had a very fun time there! My mom and both of my sisters and i went on an exciting trip to 2 places in Florida! First we went to West palm beach and then we went to Jacksonville! In west palm beach we had lots of fun with our uncle Rod and Aunt Michelle and also my 3 older cousins: Lauren Jessica and Jason! In Jacksonville i saw my Auntie Dorna and Uncle Andrew wit my cousins Nikki and Maynard! Now I am at the best school ever and I am loving the people that I am around every day!